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A great way of reaching new customers at the same time as keeping existing customers interested and engaged is email marketing. Returning or repeat customers will most likely be relatively more valuable to your company than newly gained customers. One way of staying connected with existing clients between purchases is to use email marketing solutions. When done correctly, it can create a massive ROI, which makes email a rewarding marketing option.

At Digital Links Pro, we offer three different packages for email marketing solutions with prices based mainly on the number of emails. The basic package named Economy offers 25,000 emails, the second plan named Standard provides 50,000 emails, and the Premium plan offers 100,000 emails all at affordable prices. With us, you can choose the package that suits your business’s marketing budget. Our email marketing agency Qatar based can also tailor a package according to your needs as well as allows you to pay us in instalments.

How Email Marketing Works

A purpose-built software program for bulk emailing is used in the marketing process. Programs such as Gmail, Yahoo, Outlook and so forth have limitations with regard to bandwidth, email deliverability and so forth. Conversely, a purpose-built bulk emailing tool has the required infrastructure to help ensure maximum deliverability. For your information, the term deliverability refers to the capability to land email campaigns in the recipient’s inbox instead of their spam folder.

Our email marketing agency Qatar team can help set you up for online business success with a dedicated service that offers maximum deliverability too.

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